Variable Frequency Drive 50/60 HZ .

Variable Frequency Drive 50/60 HZ

Providing users with a powerful motor speed control in a compact, space saving design, the Variable Frequency Drive is the smallest and most cost effective VFD trainer. Ideal for machine level speed control, this product provides the application versatility to meet the demand of end-users that require flexibility, space savings and ease of use. You Select The Brand And Model Of Drive That You Need The VFD Trainer Is Designed To Control The Speed Of Applications Such As Machine Tools, Fans, Pumps And Conveyors And Material Handling Systems. With this kind of drive alternative current squirrel cage motors or synchronous reluctance motors can be varied over a continuous speed range. The drive automatically provides auto boost and slip compensation. The trainer obtains excellent speed regulation and high levels of torque across the entire speed range of the drive as well as improved speed regulation.

Educational Advantages of Variable Frequency Drive 50/60 HZ

  • Easy start up and operation
  • Most common application parameters are contained in a basic program group, making programming fast and easy
  • Dynamic braking for all ratings 0.75 kW (1 HP) and greater
  • Possibility of programming/controlling by computer and dedicated software
  • Network solutions possibility
  • An integral keypad featuring a 4-digit display plus additional LED indicators, providing an intuitive display of drive status information
  • Dedicated safety sockets and switches
  • Relay output
  • You can select your own drive brand and model
  • Programmable inputs such as preset speed, jog, etc.
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz

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