Arbour Press

Arbour Press .

Handoperated hand presses are designed for production work of quick operation in general engineering workshops, garages etc. for driving mandrels in and out of work and can be also used for inserting and removing brushes, bearings, etc. They do not bend or burr the work of necessitate taking off carrier and will prove a saving of time and increased life of arbours.

Max. pressure exterted Tons 1/2 1 1.1/2 3 4
centre to back Inch 5.1/2 6.3/4 7.1/2 10 10
Max. height from base to guide Inch 11 13.1/2 15 21 25
Size of arbour round or square Inch 1.1/4 1.1/2 1.3/4 2.3/4 23

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