Bernoulli s Theorem Apparatus

Bernoulli s Theorem Apparatus .
Supply Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating/M.S.FRP Lining/S.S. Unit of suitable size provided with piezo meter for the measurement of total potential head.

Variable Cross Section Transparent Duct:
A transparent duct made of acrylic and of smooth variable cross section with suitably spaced 0.5m height replaceable high quality graduated glass tubes to measure the pressure head along the duct and a GM flow control valve.

Measuring Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating /MS.FRP Lining/SS. Unit of suitable size for suitable size with and overflow arrangement and provided with a PVC control valve and an elbow

Supply Tank:
M.S. Powder Coating M.S. FRP Lining/S.S Unit of Suitable size for storage of water to circulate through experimental unit.

Supply Pump Set:
0.25 HP single phase [ISI marked] to pump water from the sump fitted with a control valve (Gun Metal gate valve.)

Switch and Starter:
Single phase main switch

Frame work Mounting:
Mounted on frame work and completely fitted with all the above items as self contained unit suitable for operationwithout and foundation.

Services Required:
Single phase power supply 200/220V and water to fill Up sump tank.

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