BJT Power Amplifiers

BJT Power Amplifiers .

BJT Power Amplifiers

The board represents an extremely useful tool for studying the power amplifier of A class and B class. In fact, it provides 4 amplification architectures among  the  most common in preamplifiers (A  class) and  final amplifiers  (B  class), with the possibility of analyzing the power stage and/or the drivers. The board is supplied complete with a set of stackable plug‐in cables of suitable lengths and colours and with a training manual. Power supply: ± 15 Vdc, 1 A

Experiments Of BJT Power Amplifiers

  1. Checking the conversion efficiency and the figure of merit in a A‐class amplifier with dc current flowing through the load
  2. Determination of the typical parameters of a A‐class amplifier with an output transformer
  3. Checking the characteristics of a complementary symmetry push‐pull amplifier
  4. Checking the characteristics of the single‐ended amplifier

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