Bow Type Drop Optical Cable Testing Machine

Bow Type Drop Optical Cable Testing Machine .


  1. Dynamic display of load, displacement, deformation and real-time testing curve on the screen.
  2. Closed loop control of channels such as load, displacement, deformation, etc. Smooth switching inbetween.
  3. Loading speed stepless setting, loading process stability, no jump to change fluctuations
  4. Total load force points set arbitrarily, holding time of load force point set arbitrarily
  5. Load force is precise controls, and steady loads.
  6. Strength point force value control precision, load without overshoot.
  7. Support saving, instant retrieving and inspection of testing results.
  8. Integrated with software limit protection, hardware travel limit protection and full scale overload protection.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Max loading: 2000N
  2. Load measurement range: 1%~100%F.S.
  3. Load measurement accuracy: ±0.5%
  4. Load resolution:± 250000 no stepping, no change in full scale
  5. Deformation measurement range: 0~20mm
  6. Deformation measurement accuracy:±0.5%
  7. Deformation resolution: 0.001mm
  8. Loading head measurement accuracy: ±0.5%
  9. Displacement display resolution: 0.001mm
  10. Displacement control resolution: 0.00002mm
  11. Tensile speed range: 0.01~500mm/min
  12. Tensile speed accuracy: 0.5%
  13. Load hold accuracy: 0.5%
  14. Load hold time: set arbitrarily, but at least 3 hours
  15. Optical cable tensile length: 25m
  16. Loading head tensile travel: 500mm
  17. The diameter of chuck and guide wheel: 250mm
  18. Loading drive system: Japan NO.1 servo system YASKAWA
  19. Power: 600W/AC220V/50Hz

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