Combination Cutting Machine

Combination Cutting Machine .

The hard operated combination plate, square or round bar, angle and tee cutting machine with punch arrangement ideally suitable for cutting plates in unlimited length.  Supplied complete with blades for cutting plates, angle, tee, round and square bars. The punching arrangement of the machine is universal for plates, bars and steel shapes which is useful for cutting, punching, shearing flats, round and square bars and bending with the help of suitable dies and punch which are to be made by the user according to their requirements having following specifications :

Cuts in unlimited lengths mm mm
Mild steel plates upto 8 10
Flat upto 12 13
Rounds upto 18 24
Squares upto 18 24
Length of Knives 175 175
Angles, tees etc. 62 x 6 75 x 7
Punch, Round holes in mild steel dia. 31mm x 16swg 37mm x 16 swg
  24mm x 14 swg 24 mm x 12swg
  19mm x 12swg 19 mm x 10swg
Shears : Flats in cross section 37x6 50x6
Rounds 10 13
Squares 10 13
Bending at 90° angles length 225 x 18swg 300 x 18swg
Depth of throat from centre of ram to back 57 70

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