Geared Heavy Shearing Machine

Geared Heavy Shearing Machine .

The Plate and Section Shearing Machines 5S / 13R are versatile in application. The welded construction gives well defined passages for letting sheets and plates pass during shearing operations. A hand pin connects the pair of lever slides with the blade slide. The connection is effected by the insertion of the hand pin in the rear hole for shearing full capacity materials and in the front hole for shearing lighter materials. The 5S / 13R and 5 S / 16R in addition to a rack and pinion arrangement are equipped with a ratchet gearing mechanism which reduces the physical effort appreciably. Light materials can be sheared by a direct pull of the lever which engages the gear pawl and disengages the pressure and locking pawl. Materials upto the maximum machine capacity can be sheared with moderate effort when the pawl transmission gear is engaged.   The group of plate and section shearing machine is fitted with one pair of plate shearing blades and one pair of section shearing blades. Sliding pieces of of section shearing blades can be adjusted by hand to make right-angle cuts on Angle and Tee section of different sizes. The accurately machined and uniform slide ways accommodate a heavy blade slide which operates vertically, without any play. Each machine is fitted with a swivel type down holder in the front and a feed-guide cum down-holder for sections in the rear.

Cuts in unlimited lengths   mm mm
Plates upto 12 16
Flat Bars upto 15X75 19X75
Round Bars upto 28 32
Square Bars upto 25 28
Angles (at right angles) upto 7x75 8x90
T-Bars (at right angles) upto 8x60 6x80
Length of Blades approx. 175 180
Nett Weight approx. 272 kgs

318 kgs.


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