Computerized Marcet Boiler

Computerized Marcet Boiler .
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The Computerized Marcet Boiler is designed to determine the corresponding temperature and pressure values for wet saturated steam at all pressures ranging from atmospheric up to 17 bar. Moreover, the transducers and the dedicated software allow the data acquisition of the main thermodynamics quantities and to obtain as a table or as a graph, the acquired values and the thermodynamic calculated quantities. The cylindrical boiler is filled with a known quantity of water, then heat is given through the resistance. Heat is supplied to the water in the boiler under steady-volume rather than steady-pressure conditions. The liquid gradual evaporation will thus cause pressure - and therefore the saturation temperature - to increase in the boiler enclosed space and the values are visualized on digital indicators
Weight and dimensions of Computerized Marcet Boiler
Dimensions: 550 x 400 x 900 h mm
Weight: 78 kg

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