Temperature Measuring Apparatus

Temperature Measuring Apparatus .
Description of Temperature Measuring Apparatus for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers
Temperature Measuring Bench is designed to demonstrate a number of commonly used methods of temperature measurement, and provides the means for calibration and accuracy comparisons of the different methods. Hence, suitable measuring devices can be found for particular applications. Features are provided so that a number of faults commonly occurring in thermocouple systems can be demonstrated. In addition the unit may be used to provide a temperature measuring facility for use with other experiments. The main unit comprises a bench mounting console which contains the hot water bath, furnace, ice bath, a digital resistance thermometer/thermocouple instrument, digital NiCr/NiA1 thermocouple instrument and power supplies. The hot water bath comprises a Dewer flask whose lid is fitted with a combined heater stirrer unit, low water cut out to provide boiling water reference at 760 mm Hg barometric pressure. The heater unit incorporates an adjustable thermostatic temperature control and over-temperature cut-out. The furnace comprises a brass block with holes drilled to accept a glass thermometer, resistance thermometer and thermo-couple. An electrical heating element is fitted into the block, the electrical supply provided from a variable transformer with front panel control so that the rate of heating and final temperature can be controlled as desired. An overtemperature thermostat is set to limit the maximum temperature to 250ºC.
Experimental Capability of Temperature Measuring Apparatus:
    Demonstrates common methods of temperature e measurement 
    Compares accuracy and method of calibration
    Demonstrates common faults occurring in thermocouple systems 
    Allows investigation into basic thermocouple laws and their applications 
    Dynamic response 
    Errors associated with incorrect applications
    Conduction errors 
    Lead errors
    Can be used as a service facility for other experiments
Specification of Temperature Measuring Apparatus:
Bench Mounted console comprising:  
    Hot water bath consisting of Dewer flask with electrical heater/stirrer unit, low water cut-out and thermostat to provide boiling water. 
    Brass block electric furnace with variable transformer control. Maximum temperature 250ºC by thermostatic cut-out. 
    Dewer flask to be filled with crushed ice. (0.01ºC reference). 
    Direct reading digital temperature indicator for use with Chromel/Alumel thermocouples. 
    Digital resistance/mV indicator for use with resistance thermometer and any of the thermocouples supplied. 
    Three thermocouples Chromel/Alumel (type K).
    Two thermocouples Copper/Constatan (type T).
    Two thermocouples Iron/Constatan (type J).
    All thermocouples conform
    Glass thermometers -5ºC to 105ºC and -5ºC to 360ºC, 100 mm immersion 
    Platinum resistance temperature detector conforming tograde II. 
    Bimetallic temperature indicator 0-400ºC.
    Negative temperature coefficient thermistor and digital display unit. 
    Surface thermocouple probe (type K).
    Hand held whirling hygrometer with wet and dry bulb thermometer scaled 5 to 50ºC suitable 
    For measuring wet and dry bulb temperature of ambient air, conforming

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