Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine - Hydraulic Operated Semi-Automatic Laying Type Concrete Block Making Machine .

Capacity 50 to 55 Operations per hour 50 to 55 Operations per hour
Moulding Area 1000 mm X 600 mm 800 mm X 600 mm
Maximum Height of Concrete Block 250 mm (300mm is possible if Req.) 250 mm
Minimum Height of concrete Block 50 mm 50 mm
Weight of Only Machines Apporx. 950 Kgs. 850 Kgs.
Gross Weight with RAM Mould Pair 1150 Kgs. 1050 Kgs.
Size L-2.1m. X W 1.6 m. X H-1.62 m. L-2.1m. X W 1.4 m. X H-1.62 m.
Power Required 415 V, 3 PH - 50-c/s. A.C. 415 V, 3 PH - 50-c/s. A.C.
A) Hydraulic Pump Motor 3 HP flange mounted, 1440 rpm 3 HP flange mounted, 1440 rpm
B) Vibrator Motor 2 HP-2880 rpm 1.5 HP & 2HP for D. Vibr.2880 rpm
C) Travel Motor 1 HP-1440 rpm 0.5 HP- 1440 rpm
Vibrations 6000 Vibrations per minute 6000 Vibrations per minute
Travel Reduction gear unit is used for Forward and Reverse motion.
M-800 Manul Operated Laying Type Concrete Block Making Machine
Capacity 35 operations / Hr
Power 1.5 H.P., Single / 3 Phase (As per order)
Vibrations 6000/min
Gross Weight 800 Kgs
Size 2.1 x 1.4 x 1.4 mtrs



Note :
  1. Any cavity or solid block can be manufactured. Paving Blocks also can be manufactured for footpath only.
  2. M.S. Or Wooden Plates to be used for manufacturing of blocks (Approx 500 Plates)
Capacity 800 Blocks / 8Hrs. shift
Power 3 H.P., (Single or Three Phase)
Weight 335 Kgs
Size 1000L x 950W x 1700H



Note :
M.S. or Wooden Plates to be used for manufacturing of blocks (Approx 250 Nos.).

Capacity 300 Blocks/8Hrs. shift
Power 1 H.P. (Single or 3 Phase)
Weight 225 Kgs
Without Vibration Machine (MM 200 Type)
Capacity 250 Blocks/8Hrs. shift
Power Nil
Weight 190 Kgs

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