Digital IC Tester .

It is the latest MICROPROCESSOR based Digital IC Testers. It functionally tests a variety of digital ICs including Microprocessors, Peripheral ICs, EPROMs, RAMs, etc., apart from the standard 74 & 54 series of TTL Ics and 40 & 45 series of CMOS ICs.


  • No. personality cards / reference IC/IC data required.
  • Automatic testing of ICs at 4.75V & 5.25V to locate marginally bad ICs.
  • Continuous mode for testing ICs until Aborted. Number of times the test was successful if displayed.
  • Step mode to locate faulty pin through discrete LEDs for find the number of unknown good digital IC with facility to locate its functional equivalents for ICs upto 20 pins
  • Memory test for EPROM indicates non blank location address with data content. For RAMs bad location address is displayed.
  • Buzzer to indicate bad IC,
  • Separate field for display of mode of operation (ONE/CON/STP)
  • Current drawn is displayed in s separate field for Good ICs.
  • Backspace, clear and double digit entry keys for editing IC number
  • Remembers IC Numbers for repeated testing of same IC.
  • SELFTEST facility during power ON and through keyboard
  • Potential free 20 pin and 40 pin ZIF (zero insertion force)
  • Protection against wrong insertion of IC under test.

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