Educational Towing Carriages Equipments

Educational Towing Carriages .

Description of Educational Towing Carriages:

The wide range of Carriages available represent the best in the world today, having been developed from DIDAC. They are suitable for a range of hydrodynamic research functions, from current meter calibrating to large ship model testing at speeds of up to 20m/s. Towing Carriages are manufactured from modern high-grade materials offering rigidity and strength, but where necessary manufactured in suitable lightweight materials for high-speed applications. All carriages are designed such as to cope with steady state and dynamic model testing, whilst ensuring smooth running at constant speeds. Our range of Carriages often incorporate four quadrant systems for smooth acceleration and retardation. Software control maximises test duration in calm water and with links to wavemakers can maximise test duration in waves. Drive trains, electrical systems, control equipment and other important key components are selected in order to reduce overall maintenance costs and down time during routine maintenance.

Specification of Educational Towing Carriages:

Model Number :DIETC001/1

Designed to suit a towing tank 2m wide, with minimum length 40 up to a maximum of 60m (maximum rail length is 54 m) – Max Speed 3m/s

Designed to suit a towing tank 4m wide, with minimum length 40 m up to a maximum of 60 m (maximum rail length is 54 m) – Max Speed 3 m/s (however 4m/s is possible)

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