Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems .

Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

Specification of Energy Efficiency In Refrigeration Systems

1. Refrigeration System In Multi compressor Operation To Investigate Energy Efficiency

2. Refrigeration Circuit With 3 Compressors Connected In Parallel, Condenser, Thermostatic Expansion Valve And Coaxial Coil Heat Exchanger As Evaporator

3. Heat Exchanger For Refrigerant Super cooling Can Be Added Via Valves

4. Glycol-Water Circuit Includes Pump And Tank With Heater Serving As Cooling Load At The Evaporator

5. Multi compressor Controller For The Parallel Operation Of The Compressors

6. Separation Of Oil From The Refrigerant On The Delivery Side And Return To The Intake Side Of The Compressors

7. Fan At the condenser with adjustable speed

Technical Data

3 compressors

1. Refrigeration capacity: each 1584W at -10°C/55°C

2. Power consumption: each 1156W at -10°C/55°C

Condenser with fan

1. Capacity: 4100W

2. Volumetric air flow rate: 1250m³/h

Coaxial coil heat exchanger capacity

1. 4kW at ΔT=9K; 0,6m³/h glycol-water mixture

Glycol-water mixture pump

1. Max. Flow rate: 4,2m³/h

2. Max. head: 5,6m

Heater power: 3kW


1. Glycol-water mixture: 23L

2. Refrigeration circuit receiver: 5,8L

Measuring ranges

1. Temperature: 4x 0...100°c, 4x -100°c...100°c

2. Pressure: 1x -1...9bar, 1x -1...24bar

3. Flow rate: 1x 1...25l/min

4. Compressor power: 0...4995W

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