Ventilation Trainer

Ventilation Trainer

Ventilation Trainer .

Specification of Ventilation Trainer

  • A realistically scaled ventilation training unit capable of enabling students to study both basic airflow and fluid mechanics as well as the more complex process of commissioning and balancing a multi - ducted air distribution system.
  • The unit consists of a forward curved variable speed centrifugal fan and integral control console together with a rectangular air intake and filter holder.
  • The fan has a supply pressure of up to 350Nm-2 and a flow rate of approximately 1400m3h-1 depending upon the blockage factor.
  • The fan discharges directly into a 200mm dia. galvanised steel duct and this connects directly to the distribution duct work.
  • Sufficient components are supplied with the unit to enable parallel branch and line balancing experiments to be undertaken. A minimum of 6 air supply points are provided that may be balanced on the assembled unit to supply a range of air flows.
  • A portable manometer, pitot static tube and hand held anemometer allow a large range of experiments to be undertaken

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