Three‐phase Current, Voltage and Earth Fault multifunction relay for protection and management of MV/HV distribution lines. Real time measurement of the primary value of the input quantities are continuously available from relay's display and from the serial communication port. Relay's programming and setting can be made directly by the front face keyboard or via the serial communication ports. Setting, event recording and oscillography are stored into non volatile memory (E2prom). The relay is fitted with a multivoltage, auto ranging power supply unit self protected and transformer isolated phase current independently programmable as directional or non directional
Three levels for Earth Fault independently programmable as directional or non directional
Selectable Time current curves according to IEC and IEEE standards
Two over/under voltage levels
Two over/under frequency levels
Zero sequence overvoltage level
Two Negative Sequence current levels
One Positive Sequence overvoltage level
 One Negative Sequence under voltage level
Two Reactive Power (VAR) control levels (optional)
Trip circuit supervision
Associated Circuit Breaker control (OPEN /CLOSE)
Breaker failure protection
RS232 serial communication port on Front Face
Output relays totally user programmable
Digital inputs user programmable, Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory

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