SINGLE-PHASE DIRECTIONAL RELAY - Didactic equipment: module with
insulated panel, directional relay, multifunction relay suitable for protection of HV, MV, LV power transmission and
distribution systems. Accidental earth-fault directional relay for selective protection of the power supply in isolated
neutral and earthed networks. It must be complete with Data Logger system. It must be provided with three independent
over current elements, two different thresholds for directional and non directional current with selectable trip, standard
IEC Protection against switch opening failure, block input and output, time tagged multiple event recording, oscillographic wave form capture, Modbus RTU / IEC870-5-103, display LCD 16 (2x8) characters, switch control through serial port, communication protocol, 3rd Harmonic Filter on the neutral input current.
4 mm. safety terminals and 2 mm. terminals included on the front panel for the electrical connection, Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory

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