Filtration Unit

Filtration Unit .

Specification of Filtration Unit

  • A benchtop unit comprising a vacuum formed ABS plastic plinth with integral electrical console on to which is mounted the filtration system.
  • A plate and frame batch filter (separation area 230cm²) is supplied as standard. Both constant flow rate and constant pressure operation are possible.
  • An optional tangential flow hollow fiber micro filtration cartridge (plus pre-filter and shell and tube heat exchanger) can be fitted. The hollow fibre cartridge has a separation area of 110cm² and a cut-off of 0.2 µ-m.
  • Feed flow rate can be varied between 0 and 130 l/hour.
  • All electrical circuits are protected by appropriate protection devices.
  • The console contains a pump motor control and display panel.
  • A separate controller displays the filter inlet pressure and is used to control the pump speed. Another digital meter displays, via a selector switch, either outlet pressure, permeate pressure, temperature or optical absorbence.

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