Full brass frame sieve set

Z1 3079

Standards : IS 460 (part I)


A sieve or sifter ,is a device  for separating wanted elements from unwanted material or for characterizing the particle size distribution of sample .this is called a sieve analysis ?(or gradation test ) the particle  size distribution of granular material sizes

Available (in mm): 125,106 ,100 ,90,80,75 ,63,53,50,45,40,37.5,31.5 ,26.5,25,22.4,20,19,16,14,13.2,12.5,11.2,10,9.5,8,6.7,6.3,5.6,4.75,4.0,3.35,2.36,1.18,1.00.

Lid & receivers(pan)


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