Ground Water Flow Unit

Ground Water Flow Unit .

Specification of Ground Water Flow Unit

  • A bench-standing sand tank capable of demonstrating, on a small scale, the hydrological principles of ground water flow.
  • The unit allows simple three dimensional flow situations to be set up quickly and measurements of piezometric levels taken at appropriate positions within the model under study.
  • The accompanying instruction manual describes six basic demonstrations of importance in Engineering Hydrology.

Description of Ground Water Flow Unit

  • The sand tank is manufactured in glass reinforced plastic for durability in service and is located in a painted mild steel frame which is designed for standing on a laboratory bench.
  • A diffused water inlet/outlet with associated flow control valve is installed at each end of the sand tank. This facility allows the desired water table to be established for the various demonstrations of groundwater flow.
  • Two wells with control taps in the base of the tank allow studies of abstraction. Nineteen tappings in the base of the tank arranged in a cruciform configuration are connected to a multi-tube manometer on the side of the tank. These indicate the profile of the water table in the sand. A sliding cursor permits measurement of any level.

Technical Specification of Ground Water Flow Unit


  • Length: 990mm
  • Width: 490mm
  • Depth: 235mm


  • Range: 0 to 155mm
  • Calibrated: 1mm intervals

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