GSM Trainer .
The GSM Trainer is a modem or mobile equipment for transmission of voice and data calls as well as SMS (Short Message Service) in GSM Network. To control the GSM modem there is an advanced set of AT commands according to GSM European Telecommunications Standards Institute implemented. The GSM standard has established itself across continents. The trainer is well suited for studying AT commands by camping to real networks using SIM card. LIST OF EXPERIMENTS:

  • Study of GSM technology.
  • Getting started with GSM trainer.
  • Study of GSM MODEM and it's components.
  • Study of SIM.
  • Introduction to AT commands.
  • Voice communication using AT commands.
  • Data communication using AT commands.
  • Sending text message using AT Commands.


  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS 850/ 900/ 1800/1900 MHZ.
  • Built in RS232 Level Converter (MAX232) provided in 9 Pin D type connector.
  • Configurable baud rate.
  • SMA connector with GSM LType Antenna.
  • Built in SIM Card holder.
  • Built in Network LED, Status LED, Power LED.
  • Inbuilt Powerful TCP/IP protocol stack for internet data transfer over GPRS.
  • Audio interface Connector.
  • AT cellular command interface through Windows based Hyperterm Software.
  • All interconnections are made using 2mm banana Patch cords.
  • Test points are provided to analyze signals at various points.
  • All ICS are mounted on IC Sockets.
  • Bare board Tested Glass Epoxy SMOBC PCB is used.
  • In-Built Power Supply of +9V/1.5A.
  • Attractive ABS Plastic Enclosure.
  • Set of 2mm Patch cords for interconnections.
  • Normal operation temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C
  • Input Voltage: 230V AC.
  • User's Manual .

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