Hand Operated Cream Separator Machine

Hand Operated Cream Separator Machine .
We manufacture hand operated cream separator machine in stainless steel. The separators are manually operated and are compatible for higher milk separation. These separators are corrosion resistant and hence maintain the original properties of milk. The hand operated machine provide a cost effective solution for various small scale industries.

60 Ltr/Hr Hand Operated Cream Separator Machine

Specifications :-

    Machine Capacity : 60 Ltr / Hr.
    Tank Cap. : 5 Ltr.
    No of S.S. Discs : 9
    Provision to Operate by Hand : 60 Rpm
    Separation Temperature: 35 - 40 C / 95-108 F
    Solid Removal Time : 1.5 Hour
    Machine Length :  380 mm X Width : 320 mm X Height : 500 mm
    Machine Weight : Nett: 13 Kgs  Gross : 30 Kgs Approx.
    Bowl Material: M.S. / S.S. 304
    Spout Set Material: CRCA Sheet / S.S. 304 Sheet
    Receiving Tank Material: Aluminium Sheet / S.S. 304 Sheet
    Useful in Domestic purpose

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