Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation

Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation .

Heat Pump for Cooling And Heating Operation

Specification of Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation

1. Air-to-water heat pump for cooling or heating operation

2. Different operating modes selectable via solenoid valves

3. Refrigeration circuit with compressor, condenser (heat exchanger with fan), 2 evaporators with fan (refrigeration and freezing stage)

4. Glycol-water circuit with tank, pump and coaxial coil heat exchanger

5. Coaxial coil heat exchanger and heat exchanger with fan can both be used as condenser or evaporator in the refrigeration circuit

6. 1 thermostatic expansion valve each for all heat exchangers and evaporators

7. 1 additional evaporation pressure controller and 1 capillary tube for the refrigeration stage evaporator

8. Displays for temperature, pressure, flow rate and power consumption of the compressor.

Technical Data of Heat Pump For Cooling And Heating Operation


1. Refrigeration capacity: 934W at -6,7/55°C

2. Power consumption: 620W at -6,7/55°C

3. Heat exchanger with fan

4. Transfer area: 1,25m², volumetric air flow

5. Rate: 650m³/h, capacity: 1148W at DT=15K

6. Evaporators with fan

7. Refrigeration stage

8. Transfer area: 1,21m², volumetric air flow

9. Rate: 80m³/h, capacity: 140w (tl1=5°c, dt1=10k)

10. Freezing stage

11. Transfer area: 3,62m², volumetric air flow

12. Rate: 125m³/h, capacity: 330W (tL1=5°C, DT1=10K)

13. Coaxial coil heat exchanger

14. Capacity: 1,6kW at 0°C; DT=9K

Measuring ranges

1. Temperature: 11x -50...150°c

2. Pressure: 2x -1...15bar, 1x -1...24bar

3. Flow rate (refrigerant): 1x 4...40l/h

4. Flow rate (glycol-water): 1x 2,5...65g/s

5. Power: 0...1150W

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