Heavy Duty Cut-Off Machine

Heavy Duty Cut-Off Machine .

Cut-Off machines are versatile and cut nearly all materials in slabs, sections, tubes and bars. The cutting is by hand feed. It works at amazingly high speeds so that a solid m. s. bar of 25 mm dia is cut in almost 20 seconds. 60 x 60 x 8mm section in 25 seconds and 75 mm. dia pipe in 30 seconds, the Drive to cut-off wheel is from a motor through a set of vee belts on the wheel spindle. Motor is positioned on a hinged platform with counter-balancing spring for easy operation. An adjustable depth stop prevents accidental damages to cut-off wheel and regulates depth of cut. Cut-Off wheel spindle runs in pre-loaded bearings and is equipped with recessed flangs an adequate guard. Floor Stand Heavy gauge sheet metal fabricated is braced for rigidly. Firm bolting to foundation is necessary when machine is put into operation. The starter with convenient reach is flush mounted on one side of the stand. Coolant Pump An independently driven motorised with tank having sward partion, Coolant Pump An independently driven motorised with tank having sward partion, pipes and spout is an extra equipment.

lt may be used only when high speed steel circular saw blade is used. Coolant is not required when used with abrasive wheel. Quick Cutting operation yields good cutting surface. For cutting ferrous metals or hard materials, aluminium oxide wheels (of normal corundum) i.e., soft wheels are recommended. For non-ferrous or soft materials, silicon carbide cut-off .wheels or metal cutting saws are recommended. Reinforced cut-off wheels minimize accidental breakages, last longer than normal cut-off wheels and are safe to operate. The life of grinding wheel mostly depends on the amount of work, material, size, strength or hardness of material, its alloy components etc. The Clamping Vice-Head unit in both is "Quick Action Type". In AMI-16 it is tubular in which the the screw is entirely protected from the abrasive dust and hence the wear & tear of the screw is almost nil.In AMI-12 the screw vice is cam-actuated to clamp the job instantly.

Standard Equipment :
Machine with motor, starter and vice.

Optional Equipment :

  • Coolant attachment with tank unit and flow control nozzles-pipe fittings (Not recommended to use with abrasive wheels. It may be used with H.S.S. saw blades only.)
  • Dust extraction Unit: With 1 H.P. motor and filters, complete with suction mouth and pipe connections and spark arresters.
  • Quick action vice for repeated operation on same job.
  • Cut-off wheal.
  • Carbide tipped saw blade.
  • High speed steel saw blade.
  • Set of pulleys for speed reduction.
  • 1400 R.P.M. motor.
  • Two speed pole changing motor 1400 & 2800 R.P.M. motor.
  • Adjustable bar support stand.
Size of cut-off wheel 300 x 2 or 3mm 400 x 3 mm
Cuts solid materials upto 25 mm 65 mm
Cuts section iron upto 76 x 76 mm 127 x 127 mm
Cuts pipe CD. upto 76 mm 127 mm
No. of Vee belts 3 3
Motor AC    
440/3/50/2800 RPM 5 HP 12.5HP
Speed Recommended for :    
i] Carbide saw or    
Abrasive wheel 4000 3000
ii] H.S.S. saw blade 1400 1400
Max. vice opening mm 76 127
Coolant Pump Motor    
A.C. 440/3/50/2800 RPM .75kw (1/10HP) .075kw (1/10HP)
Approx. net weight 210 Kgs. 350 Kgs.
Dimension with stand    
(L x W x H) mm 762 x 508 x 1320 1115 x 914 x 1470

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