Hrecules 4.0 CF

Hrecules 4.0 CF .

  • Hercules 4.0 CF Clear floor Lifts are completely electro-hydraulic and are made according to accurate structural calculation, with a capacty of 4 ton.
  • High-Pressure cylinders in each column provide mximum lifting force and smooth operation .
  • Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of Hydraulic Pipe fracture.
  • Mechanical safety catches with automatic engagement.
  • Automatic Arm Restrain.
  • Perfect synchronization between cylinders regardless of load distribution.
  • Self controlled lowering speed.
  • Special overhead padded limit switch to prevent damaging vehicle being raised too high.  
Technical Data :
Type Two Post
Technology Electro Hydraulic
Lifting Weight 4.0 Ton
Lifting Height 1800 mm
Lifting Time 50 sec.
Overall Height 2826 mm
Overall Length 3420 mm
Overall Width NA
Inside Columns 2400 mm
Lowest Height 125 mm
Motor 3 HP
Power 415V-3PH-50Hz

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