Ignitability Apparatus

Ignitability Apparatus .

Ignitability Apparatus

Features of Ignitability Apparatus

1. Digital readout for oxygen concentration ± 0.1%

2. Oxygen cell for assessing accurate oxygen levels (<0.1%)

3. Compact unit for efficient use inside a laboratory hood, with ventilation

4. Automatic flow control gives oxygen level adjustment by turning one single valve

5. Quick loading of test specimen into test chimney measuring 450 × 75mm

6. Digital display of oxygen percentage in atmosphere during test (no calculations needed)

7. Digital display of temperature of gas mixture entering the test chimney

8. Sample holders for both rigid and flexible samples supplied

9. Shortened gas path for rapid response

10. Compact design

Technical Specification

Digital readout for oxygen concentration:

± 0.1%


Width: 350mm

Depth: 370mm

Height: 280mm

Column size:

75 or 100mm diameter x 450mm high


17kg (approx)

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