In-situ Water Permeability Test Kit

Concrete Permeability Apparatus, 3 Cell model for 100mm cube

High Pressure Permeability Test can be conducted on different size specimens using different cells. Each cell is made of steel and provided with a top plate and funnel at the bottom having gasket seals held in position through bolts and nuts. The concrete specimens are sealed in the cells to prevent any leakage along the side walls. The permeated water is collected in glass bottles attached at the bottom.

Each test stall has its own control valves. The control Value are mounted on a sturdy welded structural stand. All multi-units are provided with end pressure gauges. Each unit is provided with chamber pressure gauges of 0-21 kg/cm2 and test pressure gauge of 0-17.5kg/cm2.

Pressures are applied using any available pressure line at the site for a compressor.



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