Insulating Oil Tester .

  • Rate of rise of voltage : Motorized sets only: 2kV/second approx. (±20% max.)The HV transformer is a completely dry resin encapsulated transformer with two HV terminals with mounting saddles. The midpoint of the transformer HV winding is earthed so that the voltage of each terminal to earth is only half the test voltage.

    Safety :

    Maximum possible safety of the operator as well as the equipment is ensured by a safety conscious design. The output controller is interlocked at its minimum position so that HV can be switched ON only when the voltage controller is at zero and the hood is shut. The output controller must be brought to zero after every test or interruption. The hood leading to HV terminals has a safety switch fitted so that opening of the hood shuts the HV OFF.

    Cabinet :

    Portable, powder coated, sheet steel with lifting handles.

    Test Cell model TC-2 :

    The test cell with cover is made of Methyle Methacrylate ( Acrylic ) having effective oil volume between 300 to 500ml with adjustable and removable 36mm mushroom head electrodes to IS 6792 & IEC 156 along with electrode gap distance GO & NOGO gauges, made of alloy steel, precision ground and hardened.


    Test Cell with suitable electrode spacing gauges:

    Type TC-1: Same as TC-2 but with 12.5 to 13mm spherical electrodesType TC-3: Same as TC-2 but with 1" dia flat disc electrodes to ASTM D 877
    Standard Accessories :

    Mains cord, 2 meter long.Test cell TC-2 with electrodes.GO & NOGO gauges.Operating Manual
    Operation :

    All the controls and indicators are located on a top panel with clear and easy to understand legends. A kV meter indicates the value of the test voltage and following breakdown of the test sample, continues to indicate the breakdown voltage after the circuit breaker has tripped and removed the test voltage. Motor may be stopped and re-started as required so that it is possible to hold any test voltage desired (upto maximum) constant for a period of time. The circuit breaker ignores transient spark-overs in the oil sample.

    Circuitry :

    The mains is applied to a continuously variable toroidal auto transformer through a switch and fuse. The output of this variable autotransformer s fed to the primary of the HV transformer. The secondary of the HV transformer has its midpoint connected to earth through a current transformer. The secondary of the current transformer is connected to a sensitive relay. When the leakage current in the circuit exceeds a pre-set value, the relay operates, thereby tripping the supply to the primary of the HV transformer.

    Indicator Lamps :

    3 in all as under:Green : indicates MAINS ONYellow : indicates HV OFFRed : indicates HV ON
    Specifications :

    Input : 240V ±10%, AC,1 phase, 50/60HzDisplay : Analog models: 96mm squareDigital models: 3 digit 12mm LEDAccuracy : ±4% of full scale deflection/range Shut down sensitivityin HV circuit : 20mA max.

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