Kaplan Turbine Test Rig

Kaplan Turbine Test Rig .


A. Kaplan Turbine


: Axial Flow Reaction Turbine
Capacity : 5 HP
Rated Speed : 1500RPM
Discharge Capacity : 4500 Liters/Minute
Supply Head : 7 Meters
Guide Vanes : Gun Metal Vanes (Aerofoil Blade Shaped)
B. Loading Rope Brake
Material :Cast Iron
Drum Size :300 mm diameter

C. Supply Pump Set

Size : 10” X 10”
Discharge : 5000 Liters/Minute
Total Head : 8 Meters
Motor Capacity : 20 HP
Starter for Motor : Star Delta Crompton Make

D. Flow Measurement

Material : C.I Body
Manometer Fluid : Mercury

E. Pressure Measurement Pressure & Vacuum gauge

F. RPM Indicator : Digital

G. Sump Tank:

Material of Construction : MS Powder Coating /M.S. FRP Lining/S.S Unit
Service Required : Electrical supply-7.5 HP, 3Phase, 440 Volts, 50HZ AC Supply

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