Microwave Components .
Adaptors transform waveguide impedance to coaxial impedance.Adopters consist of a short section of waveguide with a probe transition mounted on broad wall. Power can be transmitted in either direction. Each adaptor covers the 50% of the waveguide.

  • Band X
  • Frequency Range (GHz) 8.2-12.4
  • Waveguide WR-90
  • Flange UG-39/U
  • Connector N Type (F)
  • VSWR Max. 1.12 At 10.5GHz
  • Return Loss -24.5 At 10.5GHz

Cooling Fan

Cross Directional Coupler 20 dB Cross Directional Coupler consists of two waveguide sectional joint at (90°) with the coupling element mounted into the common broad wall.

  • Band C X
  • Frequency
  • Range(GHz) 3.95-5.85 8.2-12.4
  • Waveguide WR-187 WR-90
  • Flange UG-149/U UG-39/U
  • Coupling (dB) 20 dB 20 dB
  • Directivity (Min) 25 dB 25 dB
  • Coupling Accuracy ±1dB ± 1dB

Detector Mount

The crystal detector can be used for the detection of microwave signal. At low level of microwave power, the response of each detector approximates to square law characteristics and may be used with a high gain selective amplifier having a square law meter calibration.

  • Band C J X
  • Frequency
  • Range(GHz) 3.95-5.85 5.85-8.2 8.2-12.4
  • Waveguide WR-187 WR-137 WR-90

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