Multi Heat Exchanger

Multi Heat Exchanger .
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Description of Multi Heat Exchanger
The Multi Heat Exchanger apparatus is used for studying of three types of heat exchangers namely-concentric tube, shell and tube, and plate-under parallel or counter flow conditions. The unit consists of the three heat exchangers, and a service module. The module comprises a hot water tank with a transfer pump and instruments for monitoring and control. Changing from one type of heat exchanger to another is by rearranging flexible hoses and changing from parallel to counter flow is by switching two cold water hoses. The unit requires outside water supply.
Experiments of Multi Heat Exchanger
Comparison of heat transfer coefficients for concentric tube, shell and tube, and plate heat exchanger.
Demonstration of heat transfer under parallel or counter flow.
Demonstration of batch type heat transfer for jacketed vessel.
Determination heat transfer coefficient.
Effects of flow rate and temperature difference.
Technical Data of Multi Heat Exchanger
Heat exchangers:
Concentric tube : Stainless steel outer and inner tubes with 2 temperature sensors.
Shell and tube : Stainless steel shell and inner tubes.
Plate : Stainless steel multiple plates.
Service module consisting of :
Hot water tank and pump.
Heater : 3000 W.
Temperatures : 5 ea.
Flow meters : Hot water and cold water.
Power supply : 220V 1Ph 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request

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