Notching Machine

Notching Machine .

Hand operated Precision Notching machine cuts all shearable materials especially useful where box, chasis and panel blanks are to be made. Notches as large as 160 mm x 150 mm in 16 Swg. mild steel can be made at the corner or in any position along the edge of a sheet. Ease of operation makes possible production rates which offen rival those of power driven equipment. Powerfull action of notcher is obtained through use of a roller cam, minimum operator effort is needed. Notches larger and smaller than 90° can be made in two operations. Straight shearing job can be done, too. Two handles of different lengths are provided. Short handle for production speed on lighter materials; long handle for notching heavier materials. Blades : The machine is equipped with four blades to solve any notching problem. The upper blades are fixed while the lower one's can be adjusted. For smooth cutting 5% to 10'% shearing gap should be provided. The blades are made out of special alloy steel. The bottom blades have 4 cutting edges which gives longer life. Adjustment of Blades : The adjustment of blades (Lower) is carried out by the four hexagon screws, provided under the rectangular table. Feeler gauge should be used for accurate gap setting. The machine has been set for average size of material. Table : A perfectly flat mild steel table has been fixed for resting of sheet. Gauges : Suitable gauges fixed on the top of table, have been provided. The position can be changed according to requirement. For fixing them at appropriate place tapped holes have been provided. Operation : The sheet to be notched should be placed on the Tables.It must bs butted against the gauge blocks. Then the head is brought down manually and the shearing action takes place. Maintenance : For the easy movement of the notching head. it is necessary to lubricate the guideways and cam guides periodically. STANDARD EQUIPMENT : Short handle for working with light materials. Long handle for notching heavier materials, Adjustable gauges and standard set of blades (fitted

Maximum cutting capacity in Mild steel upto Swg. 16 18
Maximum 90 notch in operation mm 150 X 150 200 X 200
Rated Capacity Tons. 4 5
Stroke of ram mm 15 15
Size of table mm 304 X 460 304 X 460
Approx. net Weight Kgs. 50



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