PA System Trainer .


  • Ensures uninterrupted operation in case of power failure

Provision for automatic change over from AC to Battery operation ensures continuity of program.

  • Designed to give Hi power Hi-Fi Sound and absolute reliability

  • Recommendation of Low-Impedance Microphone Inputs

This apparatus allow to recommended Low-Impedance Microphones.

  • Bass and Trebble Controls

This permit shaping of desired tonal quality for music & speech.

  • Master Volume Control

This permits adjustment of overall volume of program inputs.

  • Pre-Amp Output

This is for connecting Cassette Recorder for recording or for connecting additional BOOSTER AMPLIFIERS.

Monitoring Indication

  • One monitor LED indicates the output level.
  • Protection against wrong battery polarity-provided

  • If the Battery connection will made wrong, the circuit will safe from any loss.


*Power output                                           : 110W MAX.
: 100W RATED
*Input Channels                                       : 5 X Mic.
2 x Aux (alternate)
*Input Selector Switch                             : Separate ON/OFF switch provided for each channel
*Speaker Outputs                                      : 4,8,16 ohms & 100V Line.
*Outputs                                                      : Preamp output.
*Frequency Response                               : 60-15,000 Hz
*Tone controls                                            : Bass, ±10dB at 100 Hz.
Treble, ±10dB at 10 KHz.
*Power supply                                             : 220V-240V AC, 50/60 Hz.
12V Car Battery.
*Protections                                                 : 1 – DC fuse (15 Amp.) Inside.
1 – AC fuse ( 2 Amp. ) Rear.
*Indicators                                                   : 1- Power red LED.
1- Monitor LED.

Package Includes

  • Main Unit Trainer
  • Two Mike
  • One Speaker
  • Connecting Lead
  • User Manual
  • CT-AAT

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