Power System Simulator .

Power System Simulator

Today, simulation plays an important roll in training people in various fields. With a simulator you can train people to make correct decisions under various operating conditions. The DIDAC Power System Simulator comprises the complete chain of power distribution from generation, transformation, transmission, sub stations and distribution to consumers. All brought together in a highly elaborated SCADA environment.

Measurements and presentations are carried out by advanced microprocessor-based nodes, for instance digital bar graphs for synchronization procedures. The system comprises several advanced energy meters, each capable of displaying more than 30-parameters such as power factor and non-symmetrical loads.
A wide selection of protective relays from world leader ABB can be chosen to satisfy any customer demand, this includes also ABB IED  Relion (600) series which are compliant to the  World Wide Power Industry. DIDAC Power System Simulator is the only simulator  for education that meets this requirement.

For educational purposes the DIDAC logical blocking system constitutes an indispensible protection/support by distinctly indicating and blocking non-allowed manoeuvres, ultimately preventing severe damage to the system.

A DIDAC Standard Simulator is based on five modules:

  1. Power Plant Module
  2. Transmission Line & Distribution Module
  3. Receiving Substation Module
  4. Load Module
  5. SCADA Module

Additional Modules

  • Mobile Turbine – Generator Module

  • Power Factor Controller

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