Pyramid Type Plate Rolling Machine

SPECIAL SALIENT FEATURES Steel Fabricated fracture Proof Housings. Wear resistant forged premium steel rolls. .

Longitudal Grooves on Bottom rolls for correct Feeding of Plates. Build in Lubricated Storage. Circumferencial and Axial Grooves on Gun Metal Bearing for even Lubrication. Gun Metal Bush Bearings. Dropend opening system for easy removal of rolled shells. Minimised feeding height for easy operation. Well balanced design. Controlled roll speed for accurate curvature performance. Indicators provided for correct even top roll presure. Mechanical device Mechanism for easy sliding of non drive side top roll housing. Motor of reputed make. Worm Reduction Gear-Box of reputed make. Reverse Forward starter with overload thermal relay of reputed make like Siemens/L & T/Cutler Hammer/HKS. One piece fabricated heavy duty base frame. UNIQUE SPECIAL DESIGNED OPTIONAL : Extended rolls (To be ordered alongwith machine) Dies for rolling of angles, channels, pipes, flats, I-beam etc Attachment for conical rolling. Extra heavy base frame (for site work) Direct coupled gear box with electric motor and electro magnetic brake. Semi automatic centralised lubrication systrm. Feeding plateform. Interchangeable extra top roll to roll shells of smaller diameter Spilproof re-usable lubrication system. Manual or pneumatic or mechanical shell ejecting device. Remote floating control. Shell support device. Gun metal nuts for smoother manual rotation. 50% thick plates than the rated capacity can be bent on the machine by hammering action as shown while the thicker plates have to be prebentoutside the machine.   Insert the plate between top roll and bottom roll by adjusting the top roll manually.   Apply pressure on the plate by lowering the top roll, then start the main motor in forward direction till one end of plate comes over the first bottom roll. Then stop the main motor and reverse its direction so that other end ofthe plate will come on second bottom roll.   Repeat the same procedure by applying the pressure from top roll till you get a perfect shell as shown on figure.   For removal of rolled shell reduce the pressure of the top roll, make the shell free between top and bottom rolls, remove tilting end bearing of top roll manually and take out the shell, (Please note that top roll is balancd by means of balancing screw.)   Replace that bearing and the machine is ready for next operation.

1 PY 3-12 1250 x 3 100 90 2
2 PY 6-12 125O x 6 125 105 3
3 PY 10-12 1250 x 10 150 125 5
4 PY 12-12 1250 x 12 175 140 7.5
5 PY 16-12 1250 x 16 190 150 7.5
6 PY 20-12 1250 x 20 200 160 10
7 PY 25-12 1250 x 25 240 200 15
8 PY 3-15 1500 x 3 115 100 3
9 PY 6-15 1500 x 6 140 11 5 5
10 PY 10-15 1500 x 10 160 135 5


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