Refrigeration Chamber and Defrosting Methods

Refrigeration Chamber and Defrosting Methods .

Description of Refrigeration Chamber and Defrosting Methods:

The climate in the cold storage room has a significant effect on the quality of the products stored there. This climate depends on different influences, such as the surface temperature of the evaporators, cold storage room temperature, degree of evaporator icing, quantity and type of refrigerated goods etc.

The icing of the evaporators depends on the evaporator and room temperatures and the quantitiy of humidity introduced by the refrigerated goods. Icing of the evaporators significantly reduces the refrigeration capacity and must therefore be prevented as much as possible by periodic defrosting, i.e. heating the evaporator surfaces. In addition to the periodic defrosting at set times, there is defrosting performed as required by measuring the actual ice coating. The evaporator surface can be heated from the outside by electric heating or from the inside by hot gas directly from the refrigerant compressor.

Specification of Refrigeration Chamber and Defrosting Methods:


1. Refrigeration system to investigate the climate in the refrigeration chamber and different defrosting methods

2. 2 Evaporators, separately switchable via solenoid valves

3. Electric defrost heater

4. Hot gas defrosting

5. Defrost controller and defrost timer

6. Latent and sensitive cooling load

7. Evaporation pressure and temperature adjustable

8. Heat exchanger as super heater and for refrigerant supercooling

9. digital display for temperature and humidity in the refrigeration chamber

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