Rigging 1 Learning System

Rigging 1 Learning System for civil and mechanical educational labs from mechanical engineering lab equipment suppliers .
The Rigging Concepts 1 Learning System teaches how to safely move loads of different shapes and sizes using a variety of methods. Major topics covered by this learning system include hoists, slings, lifts, wire ropes, and chain slings. Rigging skills are required in many industries including manufacturing, construction, and transportation, so give your students a head start by teaching them these rigging concepts and applications.
The Rigging 1 Learning System includes a 1-ton rated gantry crane with casters and component storage, hoists, slings, loads and load fittings to enable learners to replicate various on-the-job load movement applications. Hands-on, applied skills include installing an eyebolt for lifting, calculating crush force, assembling and lifting a load using a two-leg wire rope bridle sling with shackles, and many more. This learning system also includes student learning materials for theory and lab, an instructor’s guide, a student reference guide, and an optional eBook format for online learning. The Rigging 1 Learning System can be used as solid foundation toward industrial certifications and industry standard safety practices are followed throughout.
Features of Rigging 1 Learning System
    Industrial Standard Components
    Heavy Duty Welded Steel Gantry
    Replication of Common Loads
    Optional Online eBooks
    Student Reference Guide

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