Sand replacement equipment

Sand replacement equipment .
Ref. Standard BS: 1377
This Apparatus is used for determination of the dry density of compact, fine, medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness. A circular hole is dug into the ground, all the soil from within it collected, weighed and dried, and the hole back-filled with a standard uniform sand or fine gravel, poured from a calibrated container for calculating the volume of hole.
The equipment consist of the following replaceable parts Sand Pouring Cylinder fitted with Conical Funnel and Shutter, capacity 3 litre 1 No.
Cylindrical Calibration Container 100 mm ID x 150 mm height 1 No.
Metal Tray size 30 x 30 x 4 cm, with 10 cm central hole 1 No

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