Solar Panels Study Unit

Solar Panels Study Unit .
Solar Panels Study Unit for Science Lab Equipment Laboratory Instruments Manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturers highly versatile trainer makes it possible to study solar manifolds as a function of different atmospheric/environmental conditions, and to determine their efficiency in relation to the incidence of both the solar and the simulated source (as determined by the variable inclination of the manifold) for an infinite number of temperature gradients between the ¡n put and output. Furthermore, it can be used to carry out tests on heat exchange and load losses.
Technical data of Solar Panels Study Unit
Area of solar manifold absorbent surface: 1.91 m2
Power of auxiliary electric heater: 3 kW;
Flowmeter measuring range: O to 300 I/h;
Boiler capacity: 80 1;
Power of solar simulator: 3.6 kW.
Required services of Solar Panels Study Unit
Power supply: 220 V single-phase - 50/60 Hz - 8 kW
Water supply: 500 I/h
Weights and dimensions of Solar Panels Study Unit
Control unit: 560 x 700 x 1850 h mm
Manifold: 1110 x 700 x 2100 h mm
Solar simulator: 800 x 800 x 1800 h mm

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