Ten tube manometer

Ten tube manometer .
Technical data
Measuring range
0…..460mmWC,graduation: 1mm
Dimensions and weight
L x W x H: 310x180x570mm
Weight: approx. 3kg (without hoses)
HM 150.13 method of flow measurement
Technical data
Venturi nozzle: A=84…..338mm2
Angle at the inlet:10,50
Angle at the outlet; 40
Orifice plate flow meter: diameter=14mm
Measuring nozzle: diameter=18,5mm
Rota meter: max. 1700L/h
6 tube manometers: 390mmWC
Dimensions and weight
L x W x H: 1100x672x900mm
Weight: approx. 30kg
Required for operation
HM 150 (closed water circuit) or alternatively water connection and drain

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