Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine

Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine .

Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine, Computerized Material Testing Machines

Features of Tensile Stress Relaxation Testing Machine, Computerized Material Testing Machines


  1. Dynamic display of load, displacement, deformation and real-time testing curve on the screen.
  2. Support saving, instant retrieving and inspection of testing results.
  3. Capable of re-analyzing test data and curves, and partial zooming of testing curves at will.
  4. Open testing report, support custom testing template, automatic generation of testing report, which can be printed, previewed or saved as files.
  5. Support Excel report templates and customized editing of test reports.
  6. Integrated with travel limit protection and full scale overload protection.
  7. Features a large test space that satisfies both GB requirements (longer than 60 times the specimen’s diameter), as well as American and European requirements (not less than 2.4 meters).
  8. Real-time drawing of curves of remaining load with time, or temperature with time.
  9. Algorithm to predict specimen’s stress relaxation performance after 1000 hours (or any specified value in hours), with the option of single or double logarithm. Capable of predicting with standard specimen data or real-time collected data (Suggested). Integrated with an extensive specimen library to improve the precision and reliability of testing results.


Technical Specifications




Load measurement range


Load measurement accuracy


Load resolution

±1/500000 of Max capacity, no stepping, no change in full scale

Load transducer creep


Temperature effect on load transducer sensitivity


Deformation measurement range

0~10 mm

Deformation measurement accuracy



Grip displacement measurement accuracy


Grip speed adjustment range


Grip speed accuracy


Loading speed adjustment Range


Loading speed controlling accuracy


Temperature measurement resolution

0.1 ℃

Temperature measurement accuracy


Valid tensile travel

100 mm

Test space

Max distance between left/right grip: 2450 mm

Specimen dimensions

Diameter for steel strand: 12.7 mm, 15.4 mm, length ≥ 3.2 m

Diameter for PC steel rod: φ4mm~φ16mm, length ≥ 3.2 m

Frame dimensions


Power supply



Approx. 1600 kg

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