Theodolite (electronic total station)

Theodolite (electronic total station)

Theodolite (electronic total station) .
5'' Total Station, Angle

Accuracy                                    5"Distance

Accuracy (Prism Mode)         + (2mm+2ppm)

Accuracy (Direct Reflex Mode)  + (3mm+2ppm)

Least Count                         1 mm

Distance Range with 1 Prism      3000 Meters

Distance Range without Prism   Upto 400 Meters


Includes following: -

On Board Side Mount Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (02)

(8 hours operation on each battery),

Dual slot battery Charger (01), Data cable (01),

User Manual on CD (01), Adjustment tools (01),

Rain Cover (01), Above in Hard Carrying Transport case (01)

Prism (01)

Aluminum Telescopic Rod (01)

Tripod Heavy Duty Wooden (01)

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