Tig (Argon Arc) Manual Welding Equipment

Tig (Argon Arc) Manual Welding Equipment

Tig (Argon Arc) Manual Welding Equipment .

Semi Automatic MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is an Electric Arc Fusion process using bare or flux cord wire with a gas shield of argon or CO2 or mixture of gases to protect the weld pool for atmosperic contamination.

The equiptment comprises of a D.C. constant potential or variable characteristic power source, a wire feed unit and torch. The electrode wire passses through the torch and on touching the work -piece an arc is established. The arc voltage is maintained constant automatically resulting in better quality welds with minimum welders skill.

D.C. Power Sources : GR-200/GR-400/GR-600.

The Power Sources are designed for use with a MIG Wire Feeder Unit, Thyristor controlled for spray transfer MIG Welding.

Available for current upto 600 Amps; an Auxiliary Internal provision


given for supply to the Wire feeder Unit Attachment & to the CO2 heater. The welder has available delay drop out to adjust the desired burnback.


Wire feeder Units are Portable Units having Twin. Roll Drive system designed to feed 0.8 to 2.4mm dia. welding wires to a hand operated MIG welding Torch.

For ease in installation & operation as well as maintenance the Wire feeders are compartmentalized for different circuitery/ parts for different operations. Maintenance is made easy with Plug-in type printed circuit Boards (PCBmodules). A specially designed hub Assembly at the rear of the Wire feeder Units, accomodates a standard 12" dia. reel of welding wire.

The wire feeder units are fully solid state & Thyristor controlled, has in addition latching facility, fine control & overload protection.

MIG' Welding Torches available in various types & capacities in Air or water cooled types. Suitable for different jobs with different Collets, to hold welding Wires as per the capacities of Torch from 0.8 to 2.4mm dia.


The other required Accessories : Optional Extra

  1. Pressure regulater with Flow meter /CO2)
  2. CO2 Heater
  3. Inter Connections
  4. Sprayer
  5. Hard/Soft Wire Kits
  6. Water circulation Device-for Torches
  7. Spot Welding Attachment
Supply Voltage. 415 V. 4I5V. 4I5V. 4I5 V.
Phase 3 3 3 3
Freq. 50 Hz. 50 Hz. 50 Hz. 50 Hz.
Max. KVA 7.6 15 24 36
Max. Input Current 10.5 A 20 A 30 A 50 A
INPUT Max. Current @ 75% Duty Cycle 200 A 300 A 400 A@ 40 V. 600® 44 V.
Max. Continuous Current @ 100% Duty Cycle 175 A 240 A 350 A@ 42 A 500 A@39 V.
Open Circuit Voltage. 18-35 V. 20-58 V. 18-54 V. 22-54 V.
Numbers of Voltage Steps 18 36 36 16
Class of Insulation E / F. E / F. E / F. E / F.
Cooling Forced Air Forced Air Forced Air Forced Air
Max. Ambient Temp. 40° C 40°C 40°C 40°C

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