Ultra Fast GPS Trainer .

Description The is a 12 channel continuous tracking GPS receiver optimized for high sensitivity and low cost applications. The GPS signal is applied to the antenna input of the module, and a complete serial data message with position, velocity and time information is presented at the serial interface.

The GPS10 contains a low noise amplifier for passive antenna operation, RF down converter, baseband processor, flash memory and navigation software. The module provides excellent navigation performance under static or dynamic conditions in areas with limited sky view like urban canyons, fast for weak signal operation. Power saving mode make this product suitable for handheld and battery-operated devices


  • ♦ Channels: 12.
  • ♦ Frequency : L1 C/A.
  • ♦ Position Accuracy : 25 meters CEP without SA or higher.
  • ♦ Velocity Accuracy: 0.1 meters/second without SA.
  • ♦ Time Accuracy: 60 ns RMS.
  • ♦ Update rate: 1 Hz.
  • ♦ Ultra high sensitivity: -175dBm or better.
  • ♦ Low power consumption: Max 35mA@3V Vcc.
  • ♦ Serial Communication: 4800 Baud (default) user selectable.
  • ♦ NMEA-0183 compliant protocol or custom protocol.
  • ♦ Speed: Max 515m/s.
  • ♦ Jerk: 20 meters/sec-3 max.
  • ♦ Extremely fast at low signal level.
  • ♦ Built in high gain
  • ♦ Operating voltage: 2.85V to 3.3V.
  • ♦ Operating temperature range: -40° to 65°.
  • ♦ SMD type with stamp holes.
  • ♦ Small form factor: 25x25x3.0mm.
  • ♦ RoHS compliant (Lead-free).

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