Universal IC Tester .

Special Features : 

  • Tests a wide range of Digital IC's such as 74 Series, 40/45 Series of CMOS   IC’s         
  • It can test Microprocessor 8085, 8086, Z80      .       
  • It tests Peripherals like 8255, 8279, 8253, 8259, 8251,8155,6264,62256,8288,8284 
  • It tests a wide range of Analog Ic’s such as ADC, DAC, Opamp, 555, Transistor Arrays, Analog Switches, Waveform Generator, Line Drivers, Voltages Regulators, PLL’s, VCO, PWM Generator, Sample & Hold, Voltages References, Optocouplers, Comparators, Voltages Followers and Others
  • It tests Seven segment display of common cathode & common anode type
  • It has Auto search facility for Digital IC’s
  • Test by: Truth table/sequence table comparison     
  • ZIF: Two Nos. of 40 pin DIP ZIF sockets for Digital & Analog IC’s 
  • Keys: 50 cherry keys Key pad with numerical & functional keys
  • Display: 16x2 Backlit LCD Display             
  • Supply Input Voltage: 230VAC                         

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