Universal Vibration Apparatus

Universal Vibration Apparatus .
Universal Vibration Apparatus

A rectangular steel beam pivots at one end from a bracket and bearing attached to the Universal Vibration Apparatus. A spring is attached to the free end of the beam to enable the beam to vibrate. The horizontal position of the spring can be adjusted using the integral adjustment system Beam displacement is measured using an LVDT displacement transducer. The output signal from the LVDT can be displayed using the data Acquisition system.

Experimental Capabilities of Universal Vibration Apparatus


  1. Free vibration of a beam, spring and mass system
  2. Forced vibration of a beam, mass and spring system
  3. Natural frequency of oscillations
  4. Resonance
  5. Amplitude of vibrations
  6. Phase lag
  7. Periodic time
  8. Imbalanced mass excitation


Specification of Universal Vibration Apparatus


  1. To comprise of steel beam, pivoted at one end and supported by a spring at the other
  2. Beam can be forced to vibrate or free to vibrate naturally
  3. Beam forced to vibrate using a motor exciter with integral off centred masses
  4. To include damping mechanism to apply damping to beam
  5. Excitation frequency from motor exciter monitored using controlled using speed controller
  6. To have LVDT transducer to monitor beam displacement
  7. To have outputs from LVDT and Tachometer available to input to data acquisition system or storage oscilloscope

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