Technical Specifications
a)    Applicable standards: ISO 820 – 1975, BS 5669 : 1979
b)    Easy to operate-easy to clean/wash.
c)    Rotor diameter (mm): 300
d)    Sample Size or better (mm) 195 x 290
e)    Drum Rotation (RPM): 719 or better
f)    Sample Feeding Speed (m/hours): 2100
g)    Stock Drum Diameter (mm): 80
h)    Sample Length (at least): 22 mm
i)    Output (m3/hours): 2 ~ 5 (depending sample density)
j)    Drum Motor Power (kW): at least 25
k)    Sample Feeding motor (kW): at least 1 x 2

l)    Pump motor power (kW): at least 1
m)    Machine weight (kg): at least 1 tons
n)    Advance gear motors: 2 x 1.5 kW
Control voltage: 3 phase AC 415V 50Hz

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