Zigbee Embedded Network Trainer .


The Wireless Embedded Communication Trainer two in number having the following feature:

  •  Communicated wirelessly at 2.4GHz,/2.5GHz, range 100 ~ 300 ft, various baud rates, Data rate of 250 kbps and 8 bit data.
  •  It has various output devices like:
    •  Six Seven Segment Displays.
    •  Stepper Motor Controller Interface.
    •  LCD Display Interface.
    •  8×8 LED Interface Block.
    •  Status LED’s 12 Nos.
  •  It has various Input devices like:
    •  Four Data Switches.
    •  Relay.
    •  Opto.
    •  Real Time Clock.
    •  Switch Array.
    •  At24C16 Serial
  •  It has various analog I/O devices like:
    •  8 Channel ADC Interface.
    •  1 Channel DAC Interface.
  •  Power Supply: +5 to +6 V dc.
  •  Operating Temp.: -20°C to +75°C.

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