AC / DC Electrical Training  System

AC / DC Electrical Training  System .
This unit shall include: one (1) base unit with (1) power supply on/off selector switch, indicator lamp, AC-DC selector switch and indicator lamps, circuit breaker, output terminals for connection to devices, component work surface and instrument console with component storage panel.  Voltages available shall be 24 volts and 12 volts, AC and DC, which is controlled by the AC-DC selector switch.  These components shall meet the below minimum
specifications.AC/DC Electrical Systems Trainer
One (1) Analog voltmeter shall be built into the instrument console with terminals so that test leads can be connected for making measurements.  Range of the scale is from 0-30 volts, AC or DC.  The component storage panel shall allow storage and identification of loose components that are included with trainer. The component work surface shall be a flat surface 20”x17” located on top of the worktable and in front of the instrument console where components can be quickly attached and circuits setup. All loose components shall be mounted on mobile plastic panels with all component leads attached to metal spade-lug terminals which have thumbscrew attachment spade-lugs, requiring no tools.  The loose component panels shall use a quick connect mounting /release method which permits the component circuits to be set up on the work surface and storage panel. The components shall include:
    (1) Digital multi-meter
    (1) Knife switch, DPDT
    (1) Push button switch, SPST
    (1) Selector switch, SPST
    (3) Lamp modules, 28V @ .67A
    (2) Resistor modules, 25 ohm
    (1) Resistor module, 10 ohm
    (2) Capacitor modules, 88-106mF
    (1) Relay module, DPDT, 24 VDC
    (1) Solenoid module, 24 VDC
    (1) Buzzer module, 3-20 VDC 3.7kHz
    (1) Fan module, 24 VDC/.11A
    (1) Circuit breaker module, 1A/277 VAC
    (1) Fuse module, 3AFA
    (1) Rheostat module, 1A/0-25ohm 25Watt
    (1) Step down transformer module, 20VA
    (1) Transformer load module 2 separately selectable 220ohm 5Watt loads
    (1) Compass module
     (1) Neon circuit tester, 90-300V   

Lead Set
A patch cord set shall be supplied which includes the following components
    (10) Spade-to-spade connections 24-in length
    (4) Spade to banana 24-in length
Student Curriculum
Shall consist of one (1) set of six Learning Activity Packets and one (1) Teacher’s Assessment Guide.  The student curriculum shall contain 47 industry tasks in Electrical Systems including:  Ohm’s Law calculations, basic components/circuit connections; measurement of circuits, voltage and resistance, sizing and connection of transformers, capacitors and inductors applications and design calculations.

Teacher’s Assessment/ Portfolio Guide
A teacher’s assessment guide shall be provided. It shall contain student data sheets, data sheet solutions, self-review answers, quizzes, quiz answers, student skill record sheets and authentic assessment. A quiz shall be provided for each packet.  A question shall be provided in each quiz for each cognitive objective taught.  All tasks listed in the packet shall be listed on personalized student record sheets. The teacher’s assessment guide shall include directions for authentic skill assessment.

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