Digital Logic Lab

Digital Logic Lab .

DC Power Supply
-Fixed DC power supply: Voltage 5V, 12V ; Max. current output 0.3A; wth output overload protection
- Dual DC power supply: Voltage range 3V~ 18V, continuously adjustable 1A ; Max. current output 1A ; With output overload protection

Adjustable DC Power Supply
-Voltage range : +1.5V~+15V
-Maximum current output : 0.5A
-With output overload protection

Standard Frequency
(1) Frequency : 1MHz, 60Hz, 1Hz
(2) Accuracy : ±0.01% (1MHz)
(3) Fan out : 10 TTL load

Clock Signal Generator
(1) Frequency : 1Hz-1MHz (6 ranges)
a. 1Hz ~ 10Hz d. 1KHz~10KHz
b. 10Hz ~ 100Hz e. 10KHz~100KHz
c. 100Hz ~ 1KHz f . 100KHz~1MHz
(2) Fan out : 10 TTL load

Data Switch
(1) 8-bit DIP switchx2, 16-bit TTL level output
(2) Toggle switchx4, each with DEBOUNCE circuit
(3) Fan out : 10 TTL load

Pulser Switch
(1) 2 sets of independent control output
(2) Each set with Q, Q output, pulse width > 5ms
(3) Each set of switch with DEBOUNCE circuit
(4) Fanout : 10 TTL load

Line Signal Generator
(1) Frequency : 50/60Hz (2) Output voltage: 6Vrms (3) With overload protection

Thumbwheel Switch
2-digit, BCD code output and common point input

Logic Indicator
(1) 16 sets of independent LED indicates high and low logic state
(2) Input Impedence : ≥ 100KΩ

Logic Indicator
(1) 4 sets of independent 7-segment LED display
(2) With BCD, 7-segment decoder/driver and DP input (3) Input with 8-4-2-1 code

Logic Probe
(1) TTL and CMOS level (2) 5mm LED displays
(3) "Lo" and "Hi" LED display low and high logic state

One 8Ω, 0.25W speaker with driver circuit

Breadboard Modules
1680 tie-point breadboard on top panel is within easy putting and taking.

1. Atleast 13 experiment modules equipped with an 8-bit DIP switch for fault simulation.
2. Comprehensive experiment manual and instructor's manual. The trainer modules should be as follows:
-Basic Logic Gates Experiments
-Five Combinational Logic Circuit Experiments
-Clock Generator Circuit Experiments
-Two Sequential Logic Circuit Experiments
-Two Memory Circuit Experiments
-Two Converter Circuit Experiments
Experiments List
-Basic Logic Gates Experiments
-Combinational Logic Circuits Experiments
-Clock Generator Circuit Experiments
-Sequential Logic Circuit Experiments
-Memory Circuit Experiments
-Converter Circuit Experiment

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