Advanced Hydrological Investigations Trainer

Advanced Hydrological Investigations Trainer .

Advanced Hydrological Investigations

Specification of Advanced Hydrological Investigations

  • Investigation of precipitation-discharge relationships, storage capacity of soils, seepage flows, Groundwater flows and sediment transport
  • Closed water circuit
  • Inclinable stainless steel experiment tank contains 19 measuring connections to detect groundwater Levels, transparent splash guard and screens for separating the chambers
  • 2 wells with open seam tubes in the experiment tank
  • Precipitation device with 8 nozzles, adjustable
  • Precipitation time can be adjusted via timer
  • Water supplies and drains can be selected individually
  • Transparent measuring tank (flow) and force sensor (determining the amount of sediment)
  • 3 models for pillars: round, square, oval


  • Stilled inlet tank provides developed river flow conditions, allowing the full length of the tank to be used for river simulations.
  • Novel outlet tank design for water flow and sediment flow measurement.
  • Stainless steel sand tank
  • Dual jacks provide adjustable tilt
  • Adjustable spray nozzle height
  • Use of fine grade sand allows detailed feature development
  • Single grade of sand for all defined demonstrations, no need to change the sand
  • Control and measurement of inlet flows
  • Flexible configuration allows a wide range of simulations
  • Flexible configuration allows a wide range of simulations
  • Computer data logging option for sediment and water outlet flow measurement

Technical Data

  • Experiment tank, inclination adjustment: -1...5%
  • Area: 2x1m², depth: 0,2m, max. sand filling: 0,3m³
  • Precipitation device
  • 8 nozzles, switchable in 4 groups of 2 nozzles
  • Flow rate: 1...4,7L/min, square spray pattern


  • Power consumption: 0,55kW
  • Max. flow rate: 1500L/h
  • Storage tank, stainless steel: content 220L

Measuring Ranges

  • 19 tube manometers: 300mmWC
  • Flow rate (supply): 0...1050L/h,  0...320L/h
  • Flow rate (drain): 0...1000L/h
  • Mass/sediment: 0...5000g

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